2024 Legal Online Sports Betting In Australia

Sports betting is a popular form of gambling entertainment in Australia and is available online and offline to Aussie residents. Since it is a legally sanctioned betting venue in the region, your biggest challenge (other than picking the right teams) is determining where you will place your bets. This page of our legal Australian online gambling guide explains what you should consider when choosing an online sportsbook.

We also look at the legalities surrounding this platform so that you know what is and is not permitted when engaging in this type of wagering. We are advocates for making informed decisions regarding gambling involvement, and the information you find here will be accurate and up-to-date. Our data is based on unbiased facts, extensive experience, and, yes, our professional opinions.

The Best Online Sports Betting Australia Has To Offer For 2024

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Australia?

Sports betting is one of the few venues exempt from the restrictions of the IGA and the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill of 2016. Under the bill, Aussie gamblers seeking casino or poker betting online are prohibited from accessing gambling sites that are licensed and regulated by foreign offshore jurisdictions unless they are also licensed by an Australian jurisdiction.

There seems to be no clear avenue for operators to apply. These restrictions do not apply to sports betting. Citizens can legally place bets online at local sportsbooks or licensed offshore destinations. Sports betting is the one gambling platform more legally accessible to bettors in Land Down Under than most other venues.

Best Sports Betting Apps Australia

There are numerous domestic and offshore sportsbook apps that accept players located in Australia. State-licensed sports betting apps require a download to your smartphone or tablet. Offshore sportsbook applications are compatible with any Apple or Android device that can support the latest version of web browsers like Opera, Safari, and others.

Offshore sports betting sites are available over the web across the entire continent as long as you can get a signal. There are laws that forbid the use of international sportsbooks online, but they are targeted toward operators and not users.

FAQs About Sports Betting Australia

Do Australia Sports Betting Sites Accept AUD Currency?

Obviously, the state-regulated sportsbooks in Australia will accept the Australian Dollar for transactions when placing bets on their websites. The licensed offshore sportsbooks approved to be included in our guide typically accept AUD currency.

Is There A Difference Between Local And Offshore Sportsbooks?

Since Aussie bettors can access locally run and licensed offshore sportsbooks, understanding the differences may help determine which type of sportsbook is best. Not all bettors have the same priorities or preferences; hence, getting an overview of what each offers can provide insight into this industry segment. Here is a listing of a few of the differences found between local and offshore online sportsbooks.

Bonus Offers and Promotions: Both local and offshore sportsbooks have offered nice promotions and incentives to new and returning bettors. However, due to the new bill bookmakers targeting Aussie punters, they are not permitted to offer signup bonuses. In our experience, offshore destinations seem to have more frequent bonuses and promotions than the Aussie-run online sportsbooks.

Range of Betting Lines: The state-licensed online sportsbooks in Australia work hard to include the betting lines they recognize as important to local sports fans. That being said, there is no denying that the local interactive sportsbooks do not offer the range of event coverage, betting lines, and wagering options that the larger international sportsbooks can provide. However, we must update you that the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill of 2016 has called for prohibiting credit betting.

Payment Methods: There are a few fundamental differences regarding funding options. Both local and offshore sportsbooks will ensure Australian-friendly payment and withdrawal methods are available to their customers.

What Should I Look For In Legal Australian Sports Betting Sites?

One of the primary objectives of this guide is to provide information on legally sanctioned, high-quality, and secure online sportsbooks. Our team of analysts puts each brand through an intense review process to do this. This effectively tells us which sportsbooks meet our criteria for inclusion in this guide and which sites should be avoided.

Here is just a small sampling of some of the requirements that we have for an online gambling site to be approved by us:

  1. They must be legally licensed by a respected governing jurisdiction and possess a certificate of good standing with said jurisdiction.
  2. They must possess compliance certifications as evidence that they are adhering to regulatory requirements and have participated in agency auditing of their fair gaming practices.
  3. They must utilize an advanced security profile that includes sophisticated data encryption, fraud prevention, firewall protection, and a technical team to monitor security protocols.
  4. Their betting lines must be competitive with those found at legitimate brick-and-mortar sportsbooks like those in Las Vegas.
  5. They must provide lines on various sports events, matches, and events and a strong selection of wagering options.
  6. All bonus offers and promotions must include reasonable and attainable wagering requirements.
  7. The sportsbook must have a history of fast, accurate payouts to its customers and a premium banking suite that makes transactions easy and streamlined for bettors.
  8. Their user interface should be attractive, easy to navigate, and compatible with PC and Mac computers.
  9. They should offer a robust mobile application that allows customers to access their accounts and betting features from their smartphones or tablets.
  10. Access to advanced features such as live betting and live in-play betting should exist.

This is a small sample of the hundreds of operational elements and performance levels we analyzed during our review. We are so thorough that we can be confident that our resource guide only includes recommendations that direct bettors to the best options the industry offers.

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