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Australian Gambling Activity Is Highest In World

Australian FlagThe Land Down Under, known for its natural landscape and easygoing culture, is also home to the most prolific gamblers, per capita. Australians frequent multiple gambling types and have set the benchmark for most lost money per person—an average of USD $990. This figure is more than any other developed country and a testament to Australian’s obsession with the popular entertainment industry.

Australian legal gambling options include online casinos, poker and sports betting, not to mention specialized games like Bingo and Lottery offerings. The most popular game types for Aussie players are Lottery-style games, but local poker machines, known as pokies, come in second. According to the 2017 Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey, 8% of adults regularly use pokies in a month. Pokies are just about on every street corners, as they are allowed in pubs and other social clubs, in addition to their presence in local casinos. In total, there are 196,000 electronic poker machines within the country’s borders.

With the high number of pokies available, you would think Aussies have enough gambling action to go around, but many players use online poker destinations that provide exclusive bonuses and other perks. Also, online poker options increase the rate of play with the increased pace of games. This translates to more hands per hour, and some online sources allow you to play multiple hands at once. Online poker sites accepting Aussie players grant 24/7 access to real money games and tournaments, though free play versions are available if players need some practice hands. Free play comes in handy for players familiarizing themselves with game types or working out new poker strategies.

The legal status of gambling in Australia can appear somewhat tricky at first glance, but there are reliable and safe options for Aussies, whether they are interested in casino games, poker or sports betting. Australia has recently tightened its restrictions on online vendors, but players still have some Aussie friendly vendors available. Gambling activity is evidenced by the significant numbers behind the local industry.

As mentioned earlier, the average player loses USD $990 in overall gambling. Singapore, the runner-up, projects that the average per-person losses are USD $650, while Ireland comes in at third with USD $500. Gambling has been on the rise in recent years, with a noticeable spike in 2014-2015. Total gambling expenditure rose 7.7% from $21.1 billion in 2013-2014 to $22.7 billion the following year. Per adult expenditure rose from $1,171 to $1,241. It is not hard to surmise how these figures are possible with the wagering capabilities of pokies and online vendors.

Gambling is one of the most lucrative markets worldwide, and Australia happens to be the hottest spot for the industry. Pending gambling legislation may allow for more poker and iGaming vendors to reach the Aussie market, but residents have access to both local and online options in the meantime. Expenditure figures will likely rise in coming years, especially if the market expands. The demand for gambling activity in the Land Down Under is simply too high.